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Whatever you have in mind: a portrait, a logo, a product, ... Everything can be created using the Pixisme

What is the Pixisme?

The Pixisme is a new type of visual performance

It is an artistic movement that consist in creating a new form of object by associating differents objects or elements that have initially nothing to do together.

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  • Duc and Erno Rubik

    Duc had the great surprise to see Erno Rubik, the inventor of the famous rubikcubes, to pay him a little visit in Brussels. A consecration for Duc the Rubikscubes performer…

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  • Antwerp World Diamond Centre

    Duc worked in Atwerp Modern Art Museum. He realized and exhibit several of his artwork. A great moment as usual…

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  • Event for Dell in Brussels

    Duc had the great honor to work for Dell in Brussels, Belgium in November 23rd 2012. A great way to celebrate Dell and its brand.

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  • Nice event for Mercedes in Beijing

    Duc took part in a nice event in Beijing for Mercedes. He created a real size Mercedes car with only rubikscubes!    

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